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Glendale Vacation / Short Term Rental Conditional Use Application.

Glendale Town Corporation    Date of Application_________________ 90 East Center Street, PO Box 220 Glendale, UT 84729 Phone: 435-648-2341
VACATION/SHORT TERM RENTAL CONDITIONAL USE APPLICATION NOTICE: Please complete each statement below. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
I certify that all information contained herein is accurate, to the best of my knowledge. I certify that I have read, understand, and will comply with the vacation/short term rental regulations listed in the Glendale Town Zoning Ordinance. I certify that this transient lodging facility meets all local and state regulations and building code requirements. I acknowledge that I will post the notice required in this vacation/short term rental. I acknowledge that prior to using this property as a vacation/short term rental I must obtain all pertinent inspections, approvals, and pay all fees due. I acknowledge that Glendale Town or designated authority has the right to inspect this property. I will notify Glendale Town of any changes to the property owner, management, or rental property information listed on this form. I understand I must keep my Glendale Town Business License current and that change of ownership is non-transferrable. Signature of Property Owner: ___________________________  Date: ___________
Property Owner Information  Owner Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address:_______________________________________________________________
City,__________________ State _________________________Zip:____________________________________
Home/Work Phone: ______________________________ Cell Phone: ________________________________
Email Address: _____________________________________
Type of Ownership: Individual(s) ___     Partnership ___     Trust ___     LLC ___     Other:____________________
*A list of all corporate officers or partners must be included.
This list must include name, home address, and phone number.
Rental Property Information  Rental Property Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Utah State Sales Tax ID Number: ________________________
Assessor’s Parcel Number: ______________________________
Dwellings Approximate Square Footage: ______________
Number of Bedrooms: ____________
Number of Bathrooms: ________
Maximum Number of Occupants: _____________
Number of On-Site Parking Spaces: ________________        
*A diagram or photograph of parking facilities must be included.
Management Information Type of Rental Management: Owner Only ______ 
Owner and Rental Agent ______     Rental Agent Only______
Rental Agent Individual/Company: _______________________________________________________
Contact Name: ______________________________________ Phone: ___________________
Maintenance Contact Name:___________________________ Phone: ____________________________
Emergency Contact Contact Name: ______________________________________
Phone: ____________________________
Contact Name: ______________________________________ Phone: ____________________________
Date Paid:__________    Receipt:___________    Account:___________   
Planning Recommendation:_______________________________________________________________   
Town Approval:______________________________________________________________________





































Glendale Town Office
90 East Center, Glendale, Utah 84729

Mayor: Kelly Lamb

Council Members:
David Maxwell
Deone Baird
Don Davis
Lorraine Chamberlain

Secretary: Ellen Lamb


Glendale Utah

Regular Town Board Meeting
August 16, 2018


Call to Order:

Review WALK THROUGH/ CLOSE Phase 1 2017 Culinary Water Improvement Project: David Maxwell and Mike Chamberlain. Question and answer period. Discussion:

Update on 2018 water improvement project: Phase 2: David Maxwell

Planning & Zoning: Recommendation to issue a Conditional Use Permit to Jamie Spencer: Re: Bill Spencer parent’s home: David Maxwell. VOTE

Minutes: Review the minutes from regular town board meeting held on July 19, 2018. VOTE:

BILLS: Review financials and Vote to approve payment of bills:


Town Truck: Mayor Lamb

Set Public Hearing: Water fee schedule/ rate increase: David Maxwell

Apple Festival: Mayor Lamb and Lorraine Chamberlain



Fire Dept: Don Davis
Streets & Roads: Mayor Lamb:  BV Hills road repairs
Parks, Cemetery, etc: Deone Baird:  Structure at cemetery update
Web page: Lorraine Chamberlain
Water: David Maxwell
Maintenance: Mike Chamberlain





Glendale, Utah

Regular Town Board
July 19, 2018



Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm by Councilmember David Maxwell

Present: Don Davis, David Maxwell, Deone Baird, Kelly Lamb. Lorraine Chamberlain was excused. Also attending were Mike Chamberlain, Ellen Lamb, Jim and DeeDee Brick, Pam Roundy and Sally Brinkerhoff.

The minutes from:  Public Hearing; USDA Funding app, June 21, 2018, Public Hearing; Budget FY19, Board Meeting; June 21, 2018 and Special Board meeting June 27, 2018 were reviewed. Deone Baird made a motion to accept all the minutes as written. Motion seconded by Don Davis. All voted in favor: AYE, Motion PASSED.

The bills and financials were reviewed. Deone Baird made a motion to accept and pay the bills. Motion seconded by Don Davis. All voted AYE. Motion PASSED.


PLANNING and ZONING Review: P &Z recently held a Public Hearing to rezone Mack and Pam Roundy sawmill lot from INDUSTRIAL to RESIDENTIAL LOT. The Roundy’s have plans to build at least one cabin or VRBO. They own 2 lots, they are both zoned Industrial. Planning and Zoning recommend the Roundy’s rezone, 190 E 100 N, the lot that the sawmill is on, too residential. They will build up to eight different, 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabins, over time. The Sawmill will be moved to the lot the residence is on. That zone will remain industrial. Planning and Zoning, on July 18, 2018 VOTED to recommend the zone change. Discussion.  A motion was made by Deone Baird to approve zone change to rezone lot owned by Mack and Pam Roundy, 190 East 100 North, to RESIDENTIAL. Motion seconded by Don Davis. All vote AYE. Motion PASSED.

Discussion on Glendale Noise Ordinance.

Town truck: The Mayor polled the members on how much the cost of a new used truck should be. The current truck will be designated for snow plow duty. Deone reminded everyone that Roger Goulding has a good contact for buying a truck. The Mayor was thinking of a ford F150 with a utility bed. Discussion. The members concurred $20,000.00 would be a ceiling price. The Mayor will do some looking around.

Consolidated Fee Schedule: David Maxwell. David gave an explanation of the necessity of having a fee schedule that has all fees in one place. David guided all through a line by line discussion. The Fee schedule consolidated and located in one area. This schedule includes following the fee schedule of the state of Utah code for valuation and permit fees for building permits. Lengthy discussion followed.  It was determined that building Occupancy permit will be issued after all inspections are paid for. David wants to fair to all customers, charging the same valuation cost to all. The valuations on this fee schedule are lower than in other area.  Cost of inspections can be included in the cost of the permit. David wants an inspection and reinspection fee.  The cost of Mike was discussed. Deone wondered if Mike got his hourly wage, and the inspection fee. Mike separated the time for inspections, from his town work hours.
Categories for different types of business licensing were discussed.  He explained temporary and home occupation licenses. David’s business, Michell cox are examples. There is an increased cost for business licenses. Discussion. The Clerk asked for guidance for people who operate more than 1 businesses under 1 license. Discussion on several examples.  People who operate different types of businesses, require individual licenses per business. David read definition of a home occupation business. Local examples were named. If there is a person who is renting VRBO and owns several, that is one license.
Discussion, David reminded everyone that the fees can be amended.
Cemetery rates were discussed at length. The Clerk noted that many towns in the area do not sell a plot or rite until some one dies. The Clerk mentioned because she has been selling lots in advance, she needs direction.  History of the record of burials and payments. The Clerk was told by Deone, a few years ago, not to accept any payment but full payment. David expressed that it is okay to accept payment, but not to allow the people to assume guarantee exact plot. Discussion.  Direction was given and outlined to the clerk. Costs of cremation and other costs were discussed. fees for opening and closing the grave were discussed.
Park rental fees were discussed at length also.
Planning and Zoning fees were discussed. All aspects of that section were talked about each line item at a time. Conditional Use permits were discussed. Board of adjustment was outlined. It is created as an appeal board if some does not like a decision by P & Z. Fee was outlined.  This Board is only an emergency board. David defined the board function and make up. The board is a five member board, each member serving for 5 years. It should consist of Town Council member, 2 Members from planning and zoning committee and 1 other person. Variance fees and signs were discussed. Advertising costs were explained. Rv temporary use permit was explained and discussed at length. The permit is issued as a temporary permit. The difference between this permit and Goulding’s site for rent was discussed.
Water Rates were discussed. Rater rates, base rates, over run rates, hook up fees, dormant fees were all discussed.  David explained that because of the water project, the town needs to be able to repay the loan. If the town leaves the base rate at $30.00 for 12,000 gallons and charge more for each 1000 gallons of over run. Discussed at length. Different dormant rate accounts were discussed. Clerk gave some examples. David Maxwell said to change water rates we need to have a public hearing.  David asked Mike his opinion of the overrun way. Mike suggested $4.00 per 1000 gallons, after the allotted 12,000. Gallons. The Clerk stated the overruns are primarily during the hotter months. Sally Brinkerhoff made comments. Don Davis stated that the overrun should be more expensive. Reconnect fee was raised to $50.00 Connection/hookup fees were discussed. Radio read meters were discussed.
A discussion of commercial versus residential was discussed. Deone thought this could be addressed at the public hearing also.
David felt it important to install a hydrant meter. This was discussed. Typically, it is commercial uses and they need to pay the fee to use the water. Most farmers and ranchers use irrigation to haul water out to cows.
David read and explained the remaining items in this resolution for a consolidated fee schedule. The schedule can be amended after adoption.
Deone Baird made a motion to accept: Resolution: Glendale Town Consolidated Fee Schedule, all areas, as corrected and outlined tonight.  EXCEPT the section on Water fees. Motion seconded by Don Davis. All voted Aye. Motion PASSED.




GLENDALE TOWN ORDINANCE _____06-04-18_ _ AN ORDINANCE OF GLENDALE TOWN CORPORATION, UTAH, AMENDING THE GLENDALE TOWN ZONING ORDINANCE BY ADOPTING THIS CHAPTER PERTAINING TO THE REGULATION OF SHORT TERM OR VACATION RENTALS AND THAT THIS ORDINANCE SHALL BECOME EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY UPON POSTING AFTER FINAL PASSAGE. WHEREAS, Glendale Town has a duty to preserve the health, safety and welfare of its inhabitants; and WHEREAS, Nation-wide, State-wide and Local Short Term and Vacation Rental applications have risen significantly; and WHEREAS, the Town Council and Mayor find and determine that an ordinance is necessary in allowing for Short Term or Vacation Rentals in the Town limits but that the industry needs to be regulated; and WHEREAS, in the interests of the health, safety and welfare of its citizens Glendale Town deems it appropriate and necessary to regulate Short Term or Vacation Rentals. BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of Glendale Town Corporation, State of Utah:
Section 1. Chapter adopted This chapter of the Glendale Town Zoning Ordinance is hereby adopted to read and provide as follows:
22-1 Purpose
To permit Short Term or Vacation Rentals if such rental complies with the standards of this chapter and promote the objectives and purpose of this Ordinance, to protect the integrity and characteristics of the districts contiguous to those in which Short Term or Vacation Rentals are located. To require that the use be conducted in a manner that neighbors, under normal conditions, would not be disturbed.

22-2 Definitions 1. SHORT TERM or VACATION RENTALS: A transient lodging facility in a detached singlefamily dwelling unit, public lodging facilities as part of a planned unit development (PUD), or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), occupied by less than sixteen (16) individuals of a single group on a temporary basis for less than thirty (30) consecutive days as an alternative to a hotel or motel. Rentals must comply with Utah Administrative Code Rule R392-502 Public Lodging Facility Sanitation.
2. RESPONSIBLE PARTY: As used herein shall mean the person(s) either the owner(s) or local representative(s) or both shall be deemed the responsible party.
3. OCCUPANTS: As used herein shall mean the person(s) renting or residing in a Short Term or Vacation Rental dwelling unit.

22-3 Permits
1. PERMITS: Conditional use permits shall be required for all Short Term or Vacation Rentals, regardless of the zone, type, or use of the property. A fee, according to the Glendale Town fee schedule will be required with the conditional use application.
2. APPLICATION FOR PERMIT: The applicant is required to obtain a Glendale Town business license, register the business with the State of Utah, and obtain a Utah State Sales Tax ID# before applying for a conditional use permit. The application for a conditional use permit shall be made by the owner of the property on which the Short Term or Vacation Rental is located.
3. REVIEW: Glendale Town Planning and Zoning Committee shall review complete applications for a conditional use permit under this ordinance and shall recommend approval or denial of the conditional use permit to the Glendale Town Council based on the criteria listed in this Ordinance, chapter, and zone in which the property resides.
4. REVOKING A PERMIT: Glendale Town reserves the right to revoke a conditional use permit issued under this Ordinance if:
(a) A licensee engages in a pattern of unlawful activity.
(b) A licensee violates state law or local ordinances.
(c) A licensee fails to comply with any conditions set forth at time of permit approval.

22-4 Tax
The business owner must collect and remit sales, resort, and transient room taxes to the Utah State Tax Commission.

22-5 Noise & Occupancy The Responsible Party shall regulate occupancy of the Short Term or Vacation Rental and ensure Occupants know that:
(a) Occupants do not create noise that by reason of time, nature, intensity or duration
are out of character with noise customarily heard in the surrounding neighborhood.
(b) Occupants do not disturb the peace of surrounding residents by engaging in outside
recreational activities after 10 p.m., or other similar activities.
(c) Occupants do not interferes with the privacy of surrounding residents or trespass
onto surrounding properties.
(d) Occupants do not engage in disorderly or illegal conduct, including illegal
consumption of drugs or alcohol.

22-6 Parking
The Responsible Party shall provide off-street parking for occupants. A maximum of two (2) cars may be parked on Glendale Towns right-of-way. Autos parked on Glendale Towns right-ofway must NOT restrict traffic flow, block clear sight distance at intersections, infringe on other property rights-of-way, cause a public safety hazard, or obstruct pedestrian traffic.

22-7 Camping
No camp trailers, recreational vehicles (RVs), tents, yurts, or any similar non-permanent structures will be allowed for Short Term or Vacation Rentals under this conditional use. Except those located in a private area licensed by Glendale Town for camping. Camps must comply with Utah Administrative Code Rule R392-300 Recreation Camp Sanitation.

22-8 Pets Owners or keepers of any pets on Short Term or Vacation Rental properties shall not allow the pet(s) to create noise that could be considered disturbing, run at large, or create a mess that is not cleaned up by the owner/keeper. It shall be unlawful for an owner/keeper of any pet to go upon the private property of any person without the permission of the owner or person entitled to the possession of such private property.

22-9 Signage Information shall be displayed in the interior of the dwelling unit listing 24/7 contact information and regulations addressing noise, parking, pets, trespassing, illegal activity and conduct. Exterior signage must follow Chapter 7 of this Ordinance and shall be harmonious with the neighborhood. No electronic messaging or backlit signs will be allowed.

22-10 Maintenance & Standards
Any property that contains a dwelling which is licensed as a Short Term or Vacation Rental shall conform to the following standards:
(a) Structures shall be properly maintained and kept in good repair; grounds and
landscaped areas shall be properly maintained in order that the use in no way
detracts from the general appearance of the neighborhood or causes any hazard to
the occupants.
(b) Each habitable space must meet current uniform building codes for size and egress
and be equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
(c) A fire extinguisher must be accessible.
(d) A fire exiting route plan and maximum occupancy number must be posted in each
dwelling used for Short Term or Vacation Rentals.

22-11 Complaints
Complaints received by Glendale Town for any violation of this Ordinance will be handled accordingly:
(a) 1st complaint will result in a letter being sent to the property owner.
(b) 2nd complaint will result in a second letter being sent to the property owner and the
conditional use permit will be in jeopardy of being revoked.
(c) 3rd complaint will result in a request from Glendale Town to the property owner to
attend a Town Council meeting to discuss the complaints with the Town Council
members for resolution. The conditional use permit may be revoked.


Glendale Town Corporation
Planning and Zoning
                Public hearing: Zone change:  Mack N & Pamela Roundy
July 18, 2018
Call to Order:
Zone Change application: Describe request for zone change submitted by Mack N & Pamela Roundy changing property located at 190E 100 N from INDUSTRIAL to RESIDENTIAL ZONE. (LEGAL DESCRIPTION AVAILABLE AT MEETING)
Discussion: Questions:
Vote: recommendation to Town Board.